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Regional Technical Assistant, Southern Amazon

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The position will be part of the regional team under the supervision of the Subnational coordination and the rest of the Subnational team in order to meet the subnational goals and outputs. S/he will be responsible for providing information and materials to support GGGI´s subnational team and relevant sub-national counterparts of Corpoamazonia´s jurisdiction and other key partners for the identification and development of Green Growth opportunities, particularly as they pertain to a more sustainable use of land and forests and deforestation reduction. This implies supporting activities pertaining to policy advisory products, enabling conditions, capacity building and structuring of projects and enhanced management of financial resources that can support such opportunities, specially those related, but not limited to Sustainable Forest Management.

This support should materialize in increased local capacity for public management, policy and project advisory and project structuring towards Green Growth objectives.  The position will offer information and materials within the GGGI´s team as requested and support new and ongoing initiatives and partnerships with government agencies, private sector, academic institutions among others and liaison with national-level policies, investments and initiatives that have local impact.

Reporting to the Subnational Coordinator, Southern Amazon´s Technical Assistant role is providing technical assistance and advice for the Subnational team in Corpoamazonia´s Jurisdiction. The successful candidate will:


Gather, collate, synthetize and inform results of the subnational team in the mentioned jurisdiction.
Provide technical and operational support under the subnational workstream in a timely and high-quality manner under the main guidance of the Subnational Coordinator;
Research effective policies, regulations, programs and projects that have successfully integrated forest conservation and Sustainable Forest Management and suggest such to the Subnational Coordinator to consider replicability and scalability of such cases through GGGI-led support or projects;
Support the regional team in the assistance provided to territorial entities in greening the design and implementation of their development plans and projects by identifying concrete opportunities of Green Growth, particularly of Sustainable Forest Management;
Organize data for project implementation monitoring and reporting, which supports transparent management of project resources. Support procurement and recruitment related project activities.
Be part of the regional team to support the implementation of GGGI´s regional program in Corpoamazonia´s Jurisdiction;
Increase the team visibility as a regional technical expert for Green Growth in the Corpoamazonia´s Jurisdiction, especially on Sustainable Forest Management;
Conduct basic research and do mapping of local-level stakeholders that will help build-up and maintain a strong network of key development partners, government agencies, local institutions, private sector stakeholders, community leaders, among others;
Closely collaborate and liaise with other GGGI-Colombia team members for technical consultation and inputs to align efforts and workstreams from national to sub-national level.
Inform Program Managers on status of project delivery highlighting issues of resource management and delivery schedule;
Support local administration officials to effectively engage with local counterparts, as requested, to produce high-quality deliverables, coordinate technical efforts and deliver outputs in a timely manner;
Support the articulation of GGGI with key local stakeholders and other Sustainable Development and Sustainable Forest Management relevant related institutions;
Be able to inform local stakeholders, as requested, on the identified Green Growth opportunities and their materialization into bankable projects, especially those related to Sustainable Forest Management;
Facilitate stakeholder engagement and discussions within program activities, particularly between investors, government and project proponents related to Sustainable Forest Management or other relevant projects as needed;
Assist with the preparation, follow-up and reporting of Coporamazonia´s jurisdiction program´s relevant engagements with local and national stakeholders
Prepare timely information on Corpoamazonia´s Jurisdiction activities progress and status to the GGGI team, ensuring that data is presented to support project management/oversight. Flag delivery delays and issues as well as possible solutions;
Review and provide input to support origination, development and delivery of GGGI´s advisory services related to Sustainable Forest Management at the subnational level.
Support the logistics and organization of relevant workshops, consultations and focal group discussions with key Departmento-level stakeholders to ensure alignment of GGGI´s service with client needs;
Prepare and submit in a timely manner and as instructed information regarding vendors, locations and other relevant ones for the preparation of events, workshops, trainings and other GGGI-funded events;
Prepare inputs for advisory products, including research, data gathering and collation, preparation of documents, briefings and PPTs., and suggest analytical tasks required to carry out the Jurisdiction´s program as well as the Sustainable Forest Management components of the subnational program;
Provide inputs on Sustainable Forest Management related activities, including preparation of terms of reference, scoping out work for various Departamentos, gathering market information for vendor/consultant selection, among others. Support other relevant activities deemed necessary for the development of GGGI’s Colombia program, including monitoring and evaluation related activities.

Undergraduate degree with at least 2 years of relevant experience in public administration, public management, environmental management or economic development roles with a strong interest and demonstrated track record in public investment, planning and implementation of development plans as well as budgets within the public sector, particularly in any Colombian Amazon Departmento;
Graduate degree or relevant experience on Sustainable Forest Management, Sustainable Development on projects/programs design, development and implementation will be an advantage;
Familiarity and understanding the green growth issues, trade-offs, cost-benefit analysis, policy evaluation tools, poverty reduction and development is a plus;
Relevant experience in supporting government entities in the Corpoamazonia´s Jurisdiction as well as development and green growth-related topics is desirable,
Experience working with local communities, indigenous peoples, or other rural stakeholders in the implementation of tourism activities and other sustainable productive practices is a plus;
English proficiency written and spoken is desirable.
Must be a Colombian citizen, or a foreigner holding a valid Work Visa.
Exceptional planning and strategic skills oriented towards the effective and timely deliverance of the agreed outputs;
Be up-to-date and provide research of the policy development framework, institutional landscape, public management and financing structures in Corpoamazonia´s Jurisdiction and political environment;
Sets high but achievable standards for self and others. Seeks opportunities to improve process and outcomes. Constantly reviews performance in identifying areas for improvement;
Able to pick up and assimilate relevant information quickly and easily. Learns new tasks rapidly. Responds swiftly and appropriately. Can think on their feet in rapidly changing environments;
Able to communicate information and ideas in a clear and articulate manner in both the oral and written format. Uses appropriate language, style and methods depending on audience and the purpose of communication. Able to convey complex information clearly and anticipates the kind of information that others will need;
Takes a balanced view of situations incorporating different perspectives. Seeks alternative viewpoints. Recognizes priorities, weighs up different options and evaluates risks. Reaches logical conclusions and decides on appropriate plans of action. Reflects and evaluates previous judgements in order to improve on decision making.

Sets personal goals which are challenging but achievable. Pursues these with vigor, persistence and determination. Enthusiastic and committed to improving personal performance levels;
Outstanding stakeholder engagement, client relationship, communication, teamwork and consensus building;
Able to achieve results in a quality, timely, and cost-effective way. Sees priorities, plans the efficient use of resources, and monitors progress against objectives. Anticipates crucial stages in projects. Formulates alternative means of achieving objectives. Responds effectively to unforeseen events;
An active and engaged team player who encourages and facilitates co-operation. Aware of the needs of others and responds flexibly. Shares information and supports other team members. Delegates appropriate tasks and sets realistic objectives;
Able to identify and distinguish the key components of problems and situations. Able to manipulate and interpret information from a range of sources, to spot patterns and trends in information and from this can therefore deduce causes and effects. Can generate a range of creative solutions, evaluate them and choose the most appropriate option.

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