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Researcher in the economics of agri-food technologies’ adoption and diffusion

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The Colombian Corporation for Agricultural Research (AGROSAVIA, from its name in Spanish, is a joint public-private, decentralized, not-for-profit institution of
scientific and technical nature. The Corporation´s purposes are to: 1) generate scientific
knowledge and developing agricultural technologies through research, technology adaptation
and transfer, and technical assistance for improving production competitiveness, equitable
distribution of the benefits of technology and sustainable use of natural resources; 2) strengthen
Colombia´s scientific and technological capacities and; 3)contribute to improving the rural
population´s quality of life.
Agrosavia has 13 research centers located in the country´s different agricultural regions. These
centers carry out research in vegetables, fruits, permanent crops, transitory crops, roots and
tubers, cacao, and livestock (cattle and minor species).
AGROSAVIA promotes the use of interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary research approaches
in its research programs. One of AGROSAVIA’s priorities is to include social and economic
dimensions in its research projects, designing and applying methodologies and techniques to
characterize social, economic and cultural aspects of the agricultural sector. Furthermore, the
corporation is working on its annual social return on investment assessment which focuses on
the Corporation’s technologies, adoption levels and the investment to obtain them.
Lead and develop research projects to promote adoption and diffusion of agri-food technologies
from a socio-economic perspective.
 Design and implement studies that characterize the socio-economic context of agricultural
systems in the high tropical Andes, so as to orient research processes focused on
generating appropriate technologies for small and medium farmers.
 Contribute to developing strategies to improve the adoption of agri-food technologies,
based upon an understanding of the factors that explain technology diffusion, adaptation
and adoption within an economic framework.

 Participate in an interdisciplinary research team in order to develop and undertake
integrated impact assessments of agri-food technologies.
 Participate in the corporation’s annual social return on investment assessment.
 Serve as an internal peer reviewer to review and emit written concepts on projects and final
reports as may be required.
 Serve as a mentor and supervise junior researchers and students participating in Corporate
 Liaise effectively with national and international scientific communities, and with private
sector agencies.
 Prepare reports and publish research articles in peer-reviewed national and international
journals, developed from projects or activities undertaken either independently or in
collaboration with other team members.
 Participate in events for networking or dissemination of key research results among
extension agents and entities of the sector associated to territorial innovation systems.
 PhD with a thematic focus in economic areas and an undergraduate degree in economics
areas is desirable.
 Expertise in agri-food or rural development research projects.
 Expertise in projects related with agricultural and technological market analysis is desirable.
 Fluency in English and sufficient knowledge of Spanish to enable communicating with staff
in carrying out research activities.
 Ability to work in a team and provide guidance to different research teams.
 Proven track record in publications.
 Proven ability in preparing research proposals.
 1 to 3 years of work experience.
This is a permanent position. Salary commensurate with experience and qualifications
(Agrosavia’s starting monthly salary for PhD researchers is $10.203.000 Colombian Currency, which is competitive by Colombian standards). The position will be based in the Obonuco
Research Center, which is located near the city of Pasto.

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