Financial advisor for fiduciary fund FENOGE (Fund for non-conventional renewable energies and the efficient management of energy)

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frog-prince-334970As a part of NFV Stage 4 activities, GGGI is assisting the Colombian government, specifically the Ministry of Mines and Energy (MinMinas), in developing its NFV in Colombia, FENOGE (Non-Conventional Energy and EE Management Fund).

GGGI has supported the development of a business plan at the previous concept development stage.  GGGI has agreed to the next steps and schedule below with the government and to support the following work for the Design and Startup stage (Activities in red are the ones for this assignment).

Scope of Work:

The Consultant is expected to support the project team to conduct the following activities:

  • Finalization of the Decree on establishment of FENOGE (a draft of the Decree will be shared with the selected consultant)
  • TOR development for the technical team that will be supporting the fund implementation
  • TOR development for fund administrator selection
  • Review of the Operation Manual (a draft of the Operation Manual will be shared with the selected consultant)

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