Project Analyst Infrastructure Strategy- The Nature Conservancy

agriculture-2382186_1920Essential Functions

This Professional will be in charge of the development of administrative, financial and procurement activities that allow proper planning, execution and monitoring of projects within the framework of the Infrastructure Strategy. The Professional will be overseen by the Infrastructure Coordinator and will coordinate its work with other members of the TNC Finance and Operations team and the NASCA Management Team.

Responsibilities And Scope

  • Support the build and updating the operating plans of the strategy and implement action for its improvement, coordinately with the infrastructure coordinator and financial team.
  • Develop the necessary administrative and financial procedures for the execution of the agreement, grants and contracts of the strategy coordinately with the financial team of TNC and following the requirements of the donor.
  • Prepare the necessary periodic financials reports of the projects and agreements of the strategy.
  • Perform administrative and financial management for the publication, request, monitoring, file the contracts and agreements of the infrastructure / lands strategy.
  • Prepare and manage requests of amendments to contracts in accordance with the guidelines of the supervisors and previous approval of the coordination.
  • Carry out the processes of purchase and acquisitions of goods and services of the strategy with the guidelines of the technical team and the SOP.
  • Maintain updated the contracts and agreements data base, including products due date and related payments. Give alerts of the administrative compliance.
  • Verify compliance of all administrative SOP by professionals who use resources of the strategy.
  • Develop the logistic activities necessary for the developments of events, field days and trips of the professionals of the strategy and guests that are required.
  • Support the review of the required expenses report, legalization of advances, expenses with credit card and requests for repayment made of professionals of the strategy.
  • Monthly check the appropriate load of Latin America Finance Systems – Larfis of the staff members corresponding to each of the projects of the strategy.
  • Financial responsibility may include working within/managing a budget to complete projects, negotiating and contracting with vendors, assisting with budget development, and meeting fundraising targets.
  • Ensures program compliance with internal policies and external requirements.
  • Support the Strategy Coordinator in planning and execution of the strategy, including preparation of financial inputs for new proposals.
  • Prepare the inputs and attend internal audits and contracted by the donors of the strategy.
  • Work articulately with the teams of grants for public funds and private fund.
  • Maintain organized the general archive of the strategy

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