Sustainable Cattle-ranching Public Policy Expert Consultant (CO2-2000-4) – GGGI

shore-238515Objectives/Purpose of the Assignment: 

Support the drafting and consultation of a policy document for the promotion of sustainable practices of the livestock activity in Colombia, through a participatory manner and with a territorial approach, to be submitted to the competent authorities, in particular the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development for its adoption.

Scope of Work: 

The consultant shall:

  • Support the MGS-Col and the MADR to formulate the policy by defining the thematic structure, its work plan and the scope of its components.
  • Support the project coordinator in the analysis of current related policies, bottlenecks and needs for the design and adoption route of the policy.
  • Accompany the national and regional workshops, meetings and other events for the participatory construction/consultation of the policy draft.
  • Coordinate meetings with the Policy Commission of the MGS-Col and other bodies related to cattle-ranching to facilitate decision-making and adequate interaction with experts in the area.
  • Work hand-in-hand with the MADR, the dairy and meat production chains and other stakeholders in the drafting of a viable and adoptable policy document.
  • Consolidate and socialize all relevant conceptual, legal and technical recommendations and prepare  reports for submission to the project coordinator and the MGS-Col.

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